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Apr 14, 2013 11:00pm PDT
>>> up next on a second look, curtis dean anderson a man who confessed to killing at least two little girls. >> that's pretty much the only one that knows all of the information you're looking for. >> reporter: now new revelations about other possible victims. tonight a man who might have the most prolific killers in bay area history, curtain dean anderson the man who killed among others two little girls. within the past hour on the 10:00 news we brought you new information about the nbi's interview with anderson in 2007. revealing the possibility of more victims. we will bring you more of that interview in about 15 minutes. but first how anderson was captured authorities might never have found him if it hadn 't been for a little girl that escaped after anderson had abducted her. her name was sanchez. >> reporter: searchers from half a different agencies descended on this mobile home park off north first street. they used sand detecting dogs to try to find their suspect. curtain dean anderson sometimes stayed with friends in this area. >> he would huddle with his little beer, h
Apr 22, 2013 9:00am PDT
bombings. i'm anderson cooper. thanks very much for joining us. today marks one week since twin bombs exploded in this city. we're now getting live aerials of the boat where one of the suspects was captured. gives you a sense of the size of the boat. here's the latest information that we have. a source with firsthand knowledge of the investigation tells us that the 19-year-old suspect is on a ventilator, heavily sedated. he was shot in the neck. he's unable to speak right now. dzhokhar tsarnaev is communicating with authorities. an interview team goes into the room to question him every few hours. their questions have focused mainly we're told on finding out if there are other bombs, weapons or accomplices. we're told he responds by nodding or shaking his head. a justice department official tells cnn that authorities could soon file terrorism charges against dzhokhar tsarnaev. boston will fall silent at 2:50 this afternoon for the victims of the bombing. president obama will also observe a moment of silence. and bells will ring to mark the moment when the bombs first went off. the sur
Apr 14, 2013 10:00pm PDT
anderson. >>> tomorrow marks the deadline to file your taxes and today ktvu's lorane b l anco finds enough procrastinator and the people that have waited may surprise you. >> reporter: she's a cal student during the week, a certified tax preparer during the weekends. >> it's really cool when you see the numbers going up and they get their refunds. i am thinking, i'm actually helping some of these people get their income taxes. >> reporter: she is one ofthe tax preparers for the irs income help assistance. >> i thought it was a good way to help out people in a practical way. >> reporter: oakland residents wrapped around thestair well on 15th street. >> i got here at 9:00 thinking i was going to be the first one. someone beat me, 6:45. >> lots of procrastinators. >> yeah. >> we need more places like this place. to give back to the oakland community. >> reporter: many who come for help have no idea how the tax process works. sometime it is less experience tax preparers get a few funny looks. >> i'm just like, i'm only a second year student. some people are really like, oh that's a cool thing.
Apr 19, 2013 11:00am PDT
them losers. welcome to our breaking news coverage of the situation here in boston. i'm anderson cooper. boston, massachusetts, remains that the hour under a virtual lockdown. thousands of police, s.w.a.t. teams, troops, helicopters, flying overhead. all in search of this man, the second boston bomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev. a naturalized u.s. citizen, 19 years old, considered extremely dangerous. the hunt is focused, but not confined to a series of communities west of boston proper, including cambridge and watertown. 21 hours since the photo was first released, dzhokhar named on the loose. his older brother, his alleged co-conspirator in the bombing at the marathon died early this morning in a clash with police from which the younger brother escaped. according to one law enforcement source, actually driving over his brother's body. here is the brother's uncle in an emotional plea delivered late this morning. >> i say dzhokhar, if you're alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness. and the victims, from the injured and from those who left, ask for forgiveness from these people. >> we al
Apr 12, 2013 1:00am PDT
of the information? >> well, what he read was accurate, anderson. that is what the d.i.a. has said, no question about it. but what's the d.i.a. really talking about here? why should all of us be so concerned? what they're saying is that north korea has made significant progress in nuclear weapons. this is broad scale, this is not a nuclear warhead. that's what the pentagon came back and talked about just later today. the pentagon says we're not talking about a nuclear warhead fine-tuned miniaturized highly technical warhead that can be put on a missile and delivered overseas perhaps to the united states. we're talking about nuclear weapons, a much broader category, basically a nuclear device, a nuclear bomb. but i think most americans will feel that is small comfort that north korea really has made much more progress down this road than any of us imagined. anderson? >> there's a lot of people who hear this and remember what the d.i.a. said about saddam's nuclear capabilities, weapons of mass destruction, and are very skeptical about what the d.i.a. might say. but you're saying that the pentagon, whil
Apr 23, 2013 5:00pm PDT
of the bombings continues now in boston. anderson starts now. >>> erin, thanks very much. good evening, everyone. we have breaking news tonight here on many fronts from boston. and in a moment woul meyou'll m man who came face-to-face with the suspect. just imagine what you would have done in his shoes. you go into the backyard, take a look and see this. only not from a chopper, not in black and white, but up close in bloody living color. you'll hear from him ahead. you'll also hear from a watertown man who photographed the fire fight. this shows the two suspects taking aim at police at the end of the chase thursday night. another shows the wrecked police suv down at the bottom right there that a police officer used in a move straight out of an action film putting it in gear, letting the vehicle roll empty to draw fire and give fellow officers a moment to get in better position to take down the older suspect. we have much more on that fire fight tonight. other late developments. the local d.a. saying massachusetts will not pursue state charges against the surviving suspect. leaving all prosecuti
Apr 25, 2013 1:00am PDT
different possible spellings of his name, and two possible dates of birth, anderson? >> gloria, at this point do we know what the russians said to the u.s. about this guy, about the quality and information coming from the russians? >> here's what we know. we know that the information was thinned, we know that the russians are not likely to give up their sources to us it and when the united states authorities went back to them on more than one occasion and asked for more information, i'm told they did not get a case report back to us. having said that, anderson, the fact that this information was coming from the russians at all should raise a red flag. >> what about the money here? i mean, there is a money trail here that has to be followed. doesn't appear to be an extensive plot. you got some information about -- or a theory that law enforcement is working with financing this spot or his income. his trip to russia. >> right. they call it a working theory. investigators are looking into whether he sold drugs as a way to earn income. we know that he had a wife who worked -- we kn
Apr 24, 2013 1:00am PDT
for these brothers? what are you learning? >> well, anderson we told you yesterday according to u.s. government officials dzhokhar tsarnaev is talking to investigators, communicating with them. and one of the things that he is saying, and investigators making sure it's all accurate, they acted alone, the two brothers. there was no foreign terrorist group they were self radicalized from the internet and, also, that their motivation was jihadist with the islamist extremist that that entailed. i also learned today from the same official, that part of that, part of the jihadist sentiment that they were acting because the way to defend islam from being you should attack in their view, one of the ways that came to fruition in their view was the wars in iraq and afghanistan. so, in other words, dzhokhar is saying that is one of the reasons they carried out the attack. and it is likely, he said, that anwar al alacki, the cleric who was killed by u.s. drones a couple of years ago, that his sermons were among those used to radicalize those among others. anderson? >> and what have investigators been able
Apr 24, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. "anderson cooper 360" starts now. >>> significant new developments tonight. breaking news. a lot to tell you here and overseas. investigators not just scrambling to learn who turned tamerlan tsarnaev toward radical islam and who if anyone trained him in bomb-making. they're also grappling here at home with the grim possibility, just a possibility for now, they dropped the ball. the possibility that not one but two potential red flags, one to the fbi and now one to the cia, were mistakenly downplayed or otherwise mishandled. opportunities were missed that might have prevented this tragedy. so tonight, new reporting on that. we also have reporting as well on a jihadist in russia's dagestan region whose video was on tamerlan's youtube channel. a guy who met with foreigners during the time that tamerlan was in the region and say local police helped train them in bomb-making. significance of it we're looking into. we also know that secretary of state kerry suspects an overseas connection. listen. >> we just had a young person who went to russia and chechnya who blew people up in boston. so he did
Apr 24, 2013 9:00am PDT
. a number of the people speaking we'll hear from and number of performances as well. i'm anderson cooper. this is our special coverage of the boston bombings. a lot to bring you up to date on now as the families say good-bye to the victims. here's where we stand with the investigation. it is a fast moving investigation. delegation from the u.s. embassy in moscow has arrived in the russian republic of dagestan to interview the parents, the suspected bombers we're told the wounded suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev could soon be transferred out of the medical center. family members of those wounded in the attacks were still hospitalized there are angry about him being in the same hospital with their loved ones being treated. and the street where the bombs exploded is open for business. authorities allowed the public back on boylston street today for the first time since the terror attacks. we're getting new information also on the suspect's background and the older brother's embrace of radical islam. a man who was married to the sister of tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev says the siblings adored one
Apr 15, 2013 5:00pm PDT
continues now with anderson cooper in boston. anderson? >>> good evening, everyone. i'm coming to you from boston tonight, just a few blocks away from the finish line of the boston marathon. it is of course a crime scene tonight. earlier today, there was a killing ground, site of the first mass casualty terror attack on american soil in a dozen years. a coordinated attack, at least two dead at this hour, including an 8-year-old boy. there are so many developments to tell you about at this hour and we have a team of correspondents and experts covering this from all different angles. i want to begin, though, by showing you as it happened, what words simply cannot fully describe. it is difficult to watch. i want to warn you, very raw, but that's exactly what it is right now. take a look. [ screaming ] >> oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> so difficult to watch. a day that began with so much joy, so much excitement. a day to look forward to all year long by runners, by their families and those who wanted to come out and support them. a day that meant so much to this city, a day
Apr 3, 2013 5:00pm PDT
the dmz, anderson. and this is a country that has for more than a decade heard this threat out of pyongyang directed to seoul that we're going to melt you down in a sea of fire. they're used to it. it's like the boy crying wolf. the difference here is the messaging and who it is directed to. this came out, the statement you're referring to, came out at 4:00 a.m. seoul time. north korea is not speaking to the peninsula. it is speaking directly to america, just in time for the evening news. it wants to make sure that this message is heard, just like earlier this week when they released that video of its soldiers taking aim at a cutout of a u.s. soldier. all of this trying to make sure that washington hears that they are certainly responding to what's been happening in this region, anderson. >> and, of course, joint military exercises happening between the u.s. and south korea. is there any greater concern among south korean officials, civilian officials, military leaders? >> reporter: absolutely. that and is also the people. because what we're seeing, compared to the now good old
Apr 23, 2013 9:00am PDT
. knew welcome back to special coverage of the boston bombings. i'm anderson cooper reporting live from boston. the latest developments in the terror investigation. police have released new surveillance photos. the bombing suspect tsarnaev at an atm, just after police officer shaean collier was kill and the first shooting at watertown that left another officer wounded, would also kill dzhokhar's brother, tamerlan tsarnaev. more of what the suspect is telling investigators. the 19-year-old claims no foreign terrorist group were involved in the attack, he and his brother were self-radicalized jihadists and the most vation was to defend is lal. reporters gathering new details now. there's a lot to tell you. joe johns, crime in justice correspondent. joe, let's talk about dzhokhar tsarnaev, what he is saying that his brother was the driving force behind the bombings. obviously, investigators have more questions about his claims. lawmakers lawmakers in washington and a lot of questions as well. >> reporter: certainly true, anderson. talking to law enforcement officials this morning, there's
Apr 23, 2013 7:00pm PDT
, anderson cooper. >> piers, thanks, good evening, everyone. 10:00 here in boston. we have breaking news on many, many fronts tonight, including where authorities say the suspects bought pressure cookers used in the two ieds that did too much damage used not too far from where i'm standing. an official told them they bought them at a department store macys. there's no hard eft of accomplices that they know of from overseas and no conclusions about what they've radicalized them. there's that, but that's only the beginning. in a moment, you're going to meet the man who came face-to-face with the bombing suspect in his boat. here's an acount different from what we've all been hearing. just imagine what you'd do in his shoes. you go into the backyard and see this, only not from a chopper, not in black and white, up close. in bloody, living color. you're going to hear from the watertown man who photographed the fire fight on the street outside of his house. this is the fire that took place very early morning. the images, utterly breathtaking. this one showing the two suspects taking aim at po
Apr 11, 2013 7:00pm PDT
and the power of money. thanks to all of my terrific guests tonight and to the audience. "anderson cooper" starts now. >> piers, thanks. it's 10:00 on the east coast. "ac 360" starts right now. >>> good evening, everyone. tonight, breaking news. it could be a game changer only this is no game. a new intelligence report suggesting that north korea could already be able to put a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile. the question is how solid is this assessment? we have experts tonight, officials, serious skeptics and diplomats all weighing in. >>> also tonight, we will take a look at the brutal weather hammering the middle of the country right now and the south and still on the move. we'll get a live update on who needs to watch out next. >>> later, a "360" exclusive. two american kids kidnapped, spirited out of the country, taken to egypt. that happened nearly 12 years ago. they've been there ever since. the boys' father hasn't seen them in all that time. we've tracked down the kids and tonight, you'll meet the boys' father who is desperate to get them back and why he hasn't been able to
Apr 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
lives than anyone thought. anderson cooper is there in west texas and "ac 360" begins right now. >>> good evening, everyone. there is big breaking news in boston and utterly horrific breaking news right here in this small texas town of west. search, rescue, recovery and damage assessment from the blast that rocked a fertilizer plant here just north of waco. it registered as a small earthquake, flattening entire buildings, burying people alive, killing them in some cases where they stood. claiming the lives we're now learning of many volunteers who rushed to help. this story is changing even as i stand here and we're going to bring you all the latest on it throughout the evening tonight. we'll be back on at 10:00 again for another update. we begin though on the story out of boston which just a short time ago became a national manhunt. take a look at these two photos and all the images we'll be showing you from here on out. these are the two men the fbi says it is looking for. two men they are calling suspects, warning they would be considered armed and dangerous. two men with bac
Apr 29, 2013 10:00pm PDT
>> that's all for us tonight. "anderson cooper" starts right now. >>> female dna found on the bomb parts and the fda takes samples from the suspects when all. a groundbreaking day in u.s. sports. jason collins became the first active player on an american team sport to come out publicly. the free agent made the announcement in an essay for "sports illustrated," he took this step on his own and made and is more extraordinary. several athletes might cannot at the same time, a scenario that would have taken pressure off any single athlete. that is not how this happened. >> jason collins has played in 12 nba seasons for teams in new jersey, minnesota, atlanta, boston and washington. it is not the stats people will remember, whether these two sentences. i am a 34-year-old nba center. i am black and i am gay. collins is the first gay athlete currently planning a one of the top four u.s. major league sports to come out. in an essay in "sports illustrated" magazine he writes out captain a secret for decades, even getting engaged at one point. he answers the question why now. he has simply
Apr 6, 2013 12:35am PDT
. we love having him on the show, anderson cooper is here tonight! [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: oh! the coop! >> jimmy: the coop. plus, he is hilarious on "saturday night live," taran killam is stopping by! [ cheers and applause ] i saw this kid on youtube and we had to have him on the show. he's going to perform a magic trick, an amazing magic trick. it involves -- well, you'll see. stewart edge is dropping in! and we've got great music from cat power! oh, man! [ cheers and applause ] going to be good tonight. i'm excited. as we said, the weekend's coming up. i'm excited about the final four. it's getting down -- it's saturday, going down. at the georgia dome in atlanta. i'm psyched about this. got louisville, wichita state, michigan going against my team, syracuse orange, yeah. and my man, rakeem christmas. the guy's last name is christmas and he's number 25. [ laughter ] swear. >> steve: come on. >> jimmy: you have to watch this and root for him. he comes in, he blocks everything, he dunks on people. then he just leaves. [ laughter ] then he comes back and blocks somebody again.
Apr 14, 2013 11:30pm PDT
will only see on 2. >> i'm not accountable of anyone else by me. >> reporter: curtis d. anderson was already notorious for the death of lazario when the fbi came to talk to him about the disappearance of schwartz, he would admit to killing her too. investigators say this man revealed he had six more victims no one had heard about. >> he had told me that the first time he killed somebody was probably early 84. >> reporter: marty parker was one of two fbi agents who conducted the 5-1/2 hour interview with anderson. he was just 23 or 24 years old when anderson said he killed three young women possibly run aways near marysville. >> this is what he just called disposable people railroad -- >> reporter: he met another victim at a bar. he said she might have been 21 but did not give agents much to go on. he would only say he dumped the body in the hills in late november of 84. but investigators are hoping the public can identify other victims. anderson remembered it happened around the same time the north hollywood shoot out between police and bank robbers was grabbing headlines in 1987. he said h
Apr 2, 2013 8:00pm PDT
starting from scratch, going through the case files, anderson, trying to figure out if buried in the files there might be a clue as to who might have had a grudge against these prosecutors and want to kill them. we have talked a lot over recent days of perhaps the aryan brotherhood or a drug cartel being involved and now an indication that authorities are looking broader than that and a case welcoming at an a public corruption case, a man by the name of eric williams, a former justice of the peace there in kaufman county convicted on burglary and theft by a public servant and sentenced to two years probation. that's a big case there in that small community. we spoke with his attorney today and we were told that on saturday night, hours after mike and cindy mclelland's bodies were found, investigators met with him at a denny's in kaufman county and told by the attorneys that they wanted to take a hand swab to be able to test it for gun residue. we don't know the results of the tests and might mean but the attorney stresses to us he did it voluntarily and he says has nothing to hide. >> i ap
Apr 29, 2013 5:00pm PDT
's got to be the interruption dynamic of this whole thing, anderson, because obviously some people are uncomfortable around gay people and they should be able to say that without getting crucified. >> it's interesting, you know, this guy from espn reporter, chris broussard said earlier, the comments he made made headlines. i want to play this for our viewers. >> i'm a christian. i don't agree with homosexuality. i think it's a sin. as i think all sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman is. in talking to some people around the league, there are a lost christians in the nba, and they don't want to be, just because they disagree with that lifestyle, they don't want to be viewed and called bigotted and intolerant. >> he was taking issue with jason for saying he was a christian and gay man. you're saying people should have the right to say what they want to say. >> you know, there are some quote unquote, christians are going to feel like that. and that's their prerogative. i just happeno disagree with them. i don't know chris that well. seems like a nice guy. but if that's his
Apr 22, 2013 8:00am PDT
in serious condition. what we are -- one way he may be communicating, anderson, is because of what's known as a sedation holiday. we knew when he was sedated and intuba intubated. they ease off on the drugs so he does regain consciousness. we're hearing again that he is communicating not by speaking, but by writing things down on a pad or white board. that's the latest on his condition. still serious, but we're hearing that he is communicating with investigators. >> that is certainly good news. again, the exact nature of that we're not clear on. what charges will he face when they're filed? >> he will more than likely face federal terrorism charges, possibly state murder charges. he could face the death penalty even though there's no death penalty in massachusetts. he could be arraigned as early as today. we're not exactly sure. it depends on how communicative he is. also speaking to some of my sources, they say he could face a number of local, state, and federal charges just for what he did after monday's bombing. anderson. >> all right. don. appreciate that. bottom line there, he's commu
Apr 2, 2013 5:00pm PDT
from scratch, going through all the case files, anderson, trying to figure out if buried in those files, there might be a clue as to who might have had a grudge against these prosecutors and want to kill them. we have talked a lot over recent days about perhaps the aryan brotherhood or a drug cartel being involved but now we're getting an indication that authorities are looking much broader than that. one of the cases they're looking at is a public corruption case, a man by the name of eric williams who was a former justice of the peace there in kaufman county. he was convicted on burglary and theft by a public servant last year and sentenced to two years probation. that case was a big case there in that small community. we spoke with his attorney today and we were told that on saturday night, just hours after mike and cynthia mclelland's bodies were found at their home murdered, that investigators reached out to him and they met with him at a denny's in kaufman county. we're told by this attorney that those investigators wanted to take a hand swab to be able to test it for gun residue.
Apr 16, 2013 7:00pm PDT
. these pictures could be vital clues and we'll have more of those on midnight. "anderson cooper" starts now. >>> good evening, everyone. it is 10:00 here in boston and there are late developments on the bombing and the breaking news back in washington as well. we've just gotten photos of what is left of one of the pressure cookers likely used to make the crude bombs. they come in from local station wga. these are evidence photos taken by authorities. one of the fragments, you can see part of a logo and what appears to be a serial number or product i.d. here's another shot with possibly traceable numbers, the pictures, some of which appear to be taken after the scene also show the remains of a shredded black knapsack or backpack, all of which seem to be managed by authorities. they are sent out to agencies so everyone can compare notes. there is this photo as well from local affiliate wga showing a bag by a mailbox where the first bag went off at the finish line. the question tonight, was it one of the bombs? the fbi is analyzing it along with fragments of the pressure cooker. there is that
Apr 19, 2013 7:00pm PDT
to anderson cooper, live in boston, and we'll take things from here. anderson, over to you. >>> piers, thank you very much. good evening, everyone. 10:00 p.m. here in boston. we are awaiting word from president obama that will happen any moment, we are told, four days since the bombing, a little more than a day and a night since a string of murder and mayhem marked the beginning of the end. tonight, we witness the end. it's over. [ wild cheering ] [ chanting "usa" ] >> applause tonight on the streets of boston, pent-up pride and fear, relief, a lot of people very, very happy tonight. people chanting, "usa," for the arrest of the second suspect. the only surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombing that claimed three lives the day of the bombing. forever altered the lives of so many more, claimed the life of a police officer just last night. the second of two brothers, the second of two boston marathon bombing suspects is in custody. 19-year-o 19-year-old, chechnyan american, his older brother killed last night in a shoot-out with police in watertown, about 20 minutes west of where i'm st
Apr 25, 2013 10:00am PDT
'm anderson cooper live in boston. we are following two breaking news stories today. we are learning new details 19-year-old terror suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was not armed when he was hiding in the boat. and we are also breaking news on syria. chuck hagel says u.s. officials believe the syrian government has used chemicals in the battle to sustain power. he did not say exactly who was targeted but did detail the type of chemical agent, sarin gas, take a listen. >> this morning the white house delivered a letter to several members of congress on the topic of chemical weapons use in syri syria. ed -- the letter will be to you shortly. assesses with some degree of varying confidence that the syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in syria. specifically the chemical agent sarin. >> we're joined on the phone by senator lindsey graham -- actually by remote. senator graham, first of all your comments on chuck hagel. >> yeah, i was one of the senators on the letter. well, it's a red line that's been crossed. it's clearly an indication and admission by the administration that sa
Apr 7, 2013 7:00pm EDT
>> and snell from american university chemical added anderson sat down with book tv did -- book tv to discuss his book women at the u.n. in which he argues that some organizations are worth supporting, while others are not. >> living with the u.n. this part of the book, can anderson is the author. professor anderson, what parts of the u.n. work? >> this is going to sound a little here radical, probably the best part of the u.n. in terms of its workings is the security council. and that has got us -- got to seem a little bit strange. it has to seem a little bit strange for two distinct reasons. one is, all of us, watching the news these state -- these days and see things like syria unfolding and the security council, the inability of it to come together in order to resolve these kinds of major humanitarian disasters that involve a vicious dictator slaughtering people. and from the look of that, you think of this has to be the worst part rather than the best part. but the reality as the security council is operating to a fair extend as its framers intended. meaning that they had a pr
Apr 16, 2013 5:30pm PDT
was going to be a very memorable day for the anderson family of los altos. father and son running together in the boston marathon. obviously it's a memorable day, but not for the reason they had hoped. here in boston tonight memorials like this going up here and there. this one on the street where the bombs went off. people stopping by to offer their prayers and thoughts for the victims. the andersons, meanwhile, are offering thanks for each other. >> this was going to be, you know, our moment. >> reporter: and in a tragic way, it was the moment for bob anderson of los altos and his son, michael. they came to boston to run the marathon. bob finished before michael and was waiting for his son just past the finish line, just before 2:00. >> you could hear the sound of the bomb and the smoke. oh, my god. at that moment, i mean i didn't know where my son was. moments later there was a second bombing or explosion and it was just -- it was just unbelievable. >> reporter: police were herding people away. bob says he didn't panic, but he knew his son hoped to run about a four-hour marathon, and th
Apr 9, 2013 5:00pm PDT
in these early hours at any time right now. something that we should mention, anderson, is that this is an unusual twist to this. south korea's fisheries and oceans department, it seems very random to mention this, but this department is usually notified by north korea if there's going to be a missile launch. in this case, they weren't notified. this is different and significant. it tells us that kim jong-un is sending a message, he is changing the rules of the game. he is not his daddy, he is thereby, anderson, more unpredictable and thereby more dangerous. >> what do we know about this potential missile test, what kind of missile, where would it be fired toward and what kind of steps are being taken in the region to prepare for it? >> reporter: well, the assumption at this point is that it's going to be an intermediate rocket test launch, and that the assumption, and again, these are all assumptions because we simply don't know. north korea has proven to be so unpredictable this month. the assumption is it's probably going to head out to the waters, but no one's takin
Apr 9, 2013 7:00pm PDT
you can join me tomorrow for another live show. that's all for us tonight. "anderson cooper" starts right now. >>> piers, thanks. >>> good evening, everyone. a very big night tonight. breaking news in the north korean missile crisis. a missile launch could now come at any time. we have a live update from the region. >>> also breaking news tonight, in texas. an attempted massacre, the would-be killer slashing one throat after another on a college campus. joining us, one of the heroes, a student who actually stopped him. >>> here in washington, a late new sign of perhaps progress on some form of gun control. later tonight, a "360" exclusive. mark kelly and he's firing a glock nine millimeter, the same weapon that nearly killed his wife, gabby giffords. he's firing and she's cheering him on. dana bash spoke with them about how they reconciled their fight for gun control with their love for guns and their ownership of that particular gun. >>> also tonight, a custody battle that began in louisiana, ended in cuba. it's happening right now. call it elliott gonzalez in reverse, if you will.
Apr 22, 2013 5:00pm PDT
violent encounter with russian special forces, anderson. >> bob baer, you say there's a good chance the older brother had some experience with explosives. what do you think -- where do you think he would have gotten that, overseas? >> oh, anderson, absolutely. i mean, you know, we may look at him as bumbling, he got caught and the rest of it and they got their pictures put up on the internet but the point is these two young men knew what they were doing. look at the pursuit. they were throwing grenades out of the windows. that's a classic tactic used to hold back a police pursuit. it's taught by intelligence agencies, by terrorist groups. the fact that they set two bombs off 12 seconds apart, was that done with a cell phone. their timing was all too good and there were few accidents that i could see. you don't pick up that sort of expertise in rural massachusetts or in boston. you don't learn it off the internet. you go to some place like dagestan where there are people that are trained in this that have field experience, hands-on, and this is a hypothesis, but it's almost certain t
Apr 26, 2013 5:00pm PDT
, if they can find that laptop, anderson, in this landfill after it had been ditched somewhere that was, you know, like a dumpster that eventually made it to the landfill, if they can get into that, they can find out things like e-mails and contacts and schedules, and instructions. so much other information about how this plot may have come together. >> just a couple quick things. again, we may not know the information so just say no if we don't. do we know when this laptop was allegedly ditched? >> only after the bombing. not precisely when. and that's something they're still trying to work out. >> also, several days ago, as you mentioned, we had reported that law enforcement had as a working hypothesis the idea that tamerlan may have been involved in drug dealing. what you're hearing tonight is more firm than that, not just a working hypothesis? >> that's right. that there is actual evidence that they're looking into to follow that thread, more than just a suspicion. when i pressed the official for what that information was, what the evidence was, i didn't get very far at this point. >> ok
Apr 18, 2013 7:00pm PDT
about the behavior of the suspects. what is it? >> reporter: that's right, anderson. as chilling this is to watch the video moments before the bombing and to see these two suspects walking down the sidewalk but we're wondering about when it happened and afterwards. a federal law enforcement told me and shared this information with me and he said they acted differently than anyone else. they stood and they watched and after it happened he said they casually walked away. it's almost unfathomable when that happened, when all of the other people were running around and attending to casualties, these people just turn around and casually walked away. anderson? >> and a lot of attention is being paid to what the suspects are wearing in both images. both are wearing baseball caps, certainly not unusual in boston. what are you hearing about that? >> reporter: that's right. these baseball caps -- look, we're all staring at them time and again. we want to see more of them. those are amazingly clear pictures but we also nt waed to see if we could find something clearer. we found at least one
Apr 15, 2013 2:00am PDT
. >> robin anderson of kentucky also knows what it's leak. they spent many years working in this car seat factory, making just about $20 an hour. >> i don't miss it too much. >> every week, was a financial struggle as they tried to raise a family. >> it does feel good to not have to come back. and god blessed me for a reason. i doesn't know what that reason is yet, but he's blessed me for a reason. >> can you give me a bonus? >> they were the only winners of a $128 million jackpotment they took home after taxes a cool $43 million. yet it's still hard for rob to imagine having so much money. perhaps that's because when he was a teenager, he was so broke he lived in a car for a few weeks. >> so how much are you still that young man, that 19 year old who was homeless living out of his car? you're still living with that fear when it comes to money. >> i think psychologically, yes. the public doesn't know what rob has been through to come all the way to the bottom of the rope. >> it's a big change. >> you know, it's scary. >> they have been very careful how they spend. one of their first purch
Apr 16, 2013 11:00am PDT
give so solace to so many. our special coverage continues with anderson cooper and brooke baldwin. >>> good afternoon, everyone. i'm anderson cooper live in boston. this is our continuing live coverage of the terror attack here in boston. i'm standing about four blocks from the scene of the center of a massive investigation right now. >> and i'm brooke baldwin also live here in boston. what a past 24 hours it has been for doctors and nurses and these families here, right here where i'm standing at brigham and women's hospital in boston, they're treating more than two dozen victims from the bombings at the marathon. we'll talk to chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta about what we're hearing, why so many amputations, and we're learning more about the shrapnel that has been embedded in some of these young people and older people, lower extremities. anderson? >> and we're getting new information really by the minute here. there are brand-new developments in the investigation. and the hunt for the person or people responsible for this attack. we're learning more about the bombs
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